Employee Portal

If you see something that needs to be added contact Assistant Chief Partridge. All of the policy manual is here with the exception of the annex.

 Link to Employee Email: http://www.fatcow.com/mail/

If you want a fire department email account contact an officer. example- xxxxxx@Alexandria-Fire.com

Engine 75 Check-off
Engine 76 Check-off
Squad 75 Check-off
AFD Hose testing worksheet
Station Coverage Sign-in
2013 AFD Training Schedule
AFD Orientation Checklist
Training Roster
Call Log
Field Report
First Responder Report
2015 AFD Roster
2015 Current Calls Made
2015 Current Trainings Made
2015 Remaining Drill Schedule

Policy Manual
AFD Policy Intro & Index
101 Written Directives
102 Fiscal Management
103 Disciplinary Action
104 News Media
105 Drug Testing
106 Community Relations
107 Credintials
201 Issued Safety Equipment
202 Emergency Vehicle Operations
203 Basic Fire Pump Operations
204 Fire Pump Service Testing
205 Hose Testing
206 Use of SCBA
207 Radio Communication
208 Use of Town Property
301 Requirements for Fire Department Membership
302 Uniform, Dress and Appearance
303 Code of Conduct
304 Confidentiality
305 Standards for Participation
306 Qualifications of Post
401 Incident Command
402 Personnel Accountability System
403 Roadway Safety Vests
404 Fire Investigation
405 Fire Prevention
406 Basic Fire Company Tactics
407 Fire Department Training for initial on scene Operations
408 Emergency Response

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